On November, 21 a three-year trial regarding corporate conflict round «Nemiroff» company was completed in London Arbitration commercial court. Court examinations were initiated in London by A.Glus, the owner of blocking shareholding (25,04%), against minority shareholders Y.Gribov (20%) and A.Kipish (17, 48%).
Raiders’ attack at «Nemiroff» company and resonance seizure of the main enterprise of the Group in Nemirov town, Vinnitsa region, with involvement of young men with shaven heads and stoppage of production for two months were the cause of appeal to London tribunal. The following video (( was demonstrated in London Read more of this post



The corporate conflict in Nemiroff company, burst out two and a half years ago, gains a new speed. The vodka giant stopped production almost a month ago. The produce gradually disappears from shops’ shelves. But it is only a top of iceberg. Vinnitsa region is in panic: the enterprise forming a company town which was a pride of the region became its headache. Stoppage of production of the vodka giant is mass unemployment in Nemirov area, loss of the main donor of the regional budget, paralysis of local small business. Such is a worth of cupidity of two main producers of “nemirov grief”, the co-owners of Nemiroff company – Yakov Gribov and Anatoliy Kipish.

Plot of raiders’ seizure of Nemiroff
As any conflict, corporate war of Nemiroff company has its “heroes”. Calling themselves major shareholders, the shareholders of Nemiroff company Yakov Gribov (20%) Read more of this post

The Supreme Economic court recognized liquidation of Management company “Nemiroff” as illegal

The press-service informs that on April 9th the Supreme Economic court
of Ukraine recognized the board meeting of owners of the private
limited company Management company “Nemiroff”, held on April 26, 2011,
and resolved there resolutions regarding liquidation of the private
limited company Management company “Nemiroff”, and replacement of its
head, Aleksandr Glus, from his post as illegitimate.
Therefore, the Supreme Economic court of Ukraine confirmed decisions
of previous court instances of Ukraine and European courts regarding
injunction on change of the structure, constituent Read more of this post


According to the version of «Rating of the most successful managers of Ukraine – 2012» of all-Ukrainian rating magazine «GVardija», Aleksandr Glus, Chairman of Board of directors of «Nemiroff» company, is acknowledged the best manager at the market of strong alcohol and also one of the most effective top-managers of the whole Ukrainian business. Read more of this post

«Nemiroff» again underwent raiders’ attack

Another scheme of raiders’ seizure was realized regarding «Nemiroff» company. The sources close to the company informed about it. This time the united minority shareholders Anatoliy Kipish and Jakov Gribov endeavour to lead out the assets with the help of front structure «LVN Trading» which is allegedly a guarantor of activity of companies of the group.
The company «LVN Trading» was established by them especially for implementation of fraudulent schemes, the source asserts. The appeared from nowhere structure is with the authorized capital of 120 usd, registration under the address of Anatoliy Kipish (one of the minority shareholders – organizers of raiders’ attack at «Nemiroff») and under control of his lawyer, informs.
At the end of November, 2012, the company «LVN Trading» signed a contract by Read more of this post

The conflict in Nemiroff: position of the chairman of a board of directors

Глусь_АлександрAleksandr Glus, the chairman of a board of directors of Nemiroff company, comments the conflict with minority shareholders:
“On December 4th, in Moscow city during a press-conference for RBC Yakov Gribov, the minority shareholder of Nemiroff company (possesses 20% of shares) again expressed a number of invalid and untrue allegations, which deceived mass-media, aiming at manipulating of public opinion as to a corporate conflict in Nemiroff company.
In particular, accusations were addressed to the owner of a blocking share package (25.04%), who was allegedly “striving for acquiring of more rights than it was stipulated by legislation and shareholder’s agreement.” However, infringement of shareholders’ agreement and legislation of a number of countries of jurisdiction of companies of Nemiroff group by united minority shareholders Yakov Gribov and Kipish brothers, Anatoliy and Viktor (each possesses 17.48% of the shares) was exactly the reason of the conflict. Implemented attempts of raiders’ seizure of the main plant in Ukraine, seizure and blocking of operation of representation office in Russia, blocking of production process in Belorussia were duly assessesed both in European and Russian and Ukrainian courts. As of today there is sufficient number of court decisions in the favor of the owner of the blocking share package, Aleksandr Glus, which give duly legal evaluation of illegitimate actions of the united minority of the shareholders.
Accusation addressed to Aleksandr Glus is nothing more than another unsuccessful attempt of the part of the shareholders to get separated from “raiders” label in the threshold of a final consideration of a case of Nemiroff Read more of this post

The one of leading producers of alcohol transferred almost UAH1
billion of taxes to the state budget. Such amount of the transfer is
nothing else as evidence of transparency of Ukrainian business.
According to information of tax authorities, Nemiroff Read more of this post